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Don't worry, Steven Adams. The NBA is working to ensure you won't have to wear a scrotal shield against the Warriors next season.As part of the league's points of emphasis for 2016-17, officials have been Lebron James Shose told to more closely oversee shots to the groin, or "unnatural acts" as the NBA calls them, per the Associated Press. This comes after Draymond Green infamously struck Adams below the belt multiple times during the 2016 Western Conference finals. Green Custom NCAA Jerseys was then suspended during the NBA Finals for taking a swipe at LeBron James' manhood."Now all of a sudden legs are coming out in different directions at weird times, they're coming higher," said Joe Borgia, the NBA senior vice president of Anthony Davis Jerseys replay and referee operations. "Well, for the protection of the players, we're going to stop it."
PGA Tour pro Harold Varner III and reigning NBA MVP Stephen Curry put on a show for fans Wednesday at the Safeway Open pro-am.A basketball Cavalier Steam Shop hoop was set up on the grandstands near a green at Silverado Resort and Spa — host of this week's PGA Tour event. Fans started cheering for Curry to shoot the basketball someone threw toward him at the basket some 50 Jimmy Butler Jerseys feet away.Curry repeatedly air-balled his attempts until he ultimately passed to Varner, who didn't fair much better at first. But Varner, fresh off an impressive rookie season on Tour, outshot the best shooter in the world when he finally drained one.In Golden State Warriors Jerseys the wake of Tiger Woods' disappointing withdrawal from the event, it was nice to see a big star bring some joy to the tournament Stephen Curry Jerseys with one of golf's rising stars.
The use of medicinal marijuana has been a hot topic among NFL players who deal with constant pain. Now the discussion is shifting to the NBA thanks to one of the league’s best coaches.Warriors coach Steve Kerr, speaking on The Warriors Insider Podcast, admitted to using marijuana while dealing with chronic back pain.“I guess maybe I can even get in Kyrie Irving Jerseys some trouble for this, but I’ve actually tried it twice during the last year and a half, when I’ve been going through this chronic pain that I’ve been dealing with,” Kerr said Friday.“(After) a lot of research, a lot of advice Joel Embiid Jerseys from people and I have no idea if maybe I would have failed a drug test. I don’t even know if I’m subject to a drug test or any laws from the NBA.”Kerr underwent two surgeries on his back in 2015 Canada Goose Jacket and missed the first four months of the 2015-16 season. After finding no answer through traditional pain management methods, Kerr turned to marijuana. He said it "didn't agree with" him.“I know enough, especially over the last couple years, having gone through James Harden Jerseys my own bout with chronic pain, I know enough about this stuff — Vicodin is not good for you,” he said. “It’s way worse for you than pot, especially if you’re looking for a painkiller and you’re talking about medicinal marijuana, Klay Thompson Jerseys the different strains what they’re able to do with it as a pain reliever.“I think it’s only a matter of time before the NBA and NFL and Major League Baseball realize that."Maybe Kerr’s voice, one of an NBA champion as a Canada Goose Sale player and coach. is what’s needed to move the conversation forward. He acknowledged the perception that “over-the-counter drugs are fine, but pot is bad,” but strongly advocated for a more progressive policy in the NFL.“I would hope,” Kerr said, “especially for Klay Thompson Jerseys these NFL guys, who are basically involved in a car wreck every Sunday — and maybe four days later, the following Thursday, which is another insane thing the NFL does — I would hope that league will come to its senses NBA Jerseys and institute a different sort of program where they can help these guys get healthier rather than getting hooked on these painkillers.”
Nobody ever thought there would be a last straw for Donald Sterling, either. Just like nobody figured there would Cheap NBA Jerseys be one for Donald Trump.The repulsive video and audio of Trump that went public Friday still might not sink Trump’s presidential campaign. Even going into Sunday night’s debate, he still had plenty of supporters, even with established party leaders jumping ship Kevin Durant Shoes like crazy. But Trump — who apparently listens to no one and learns no lessons from anything — needs to look at how and why the reign of Sterling within the NBA came crashing down two years ago and recognize that Custom NBA Jerseys he’s hurtling full-speed down that same path. He needs to recognize that he's deserving of everything he's getting and everything it's costing him.Back in 2014, Sterling was brought down by a private conversation that he never dreamed would be broadcast to Stephen Curry Jerseys the world, in which he felt so safe and protected and privileged that he could cut loose with every sick, twisted, perverted view of humanity he'd ever cultivated. For Sterling, of course, it was his opinions of black people, the very Ben Simmons Jerseys ones on whose backs he had built his twin pillars of wealth: his real estate empire and his membership in the NBA owners’ club. Those NBA players of whom he was so contemptuous led the movement that finally drove him out, Paul George Jerseys nudged commissioner Adam Silver to strip him of ownership of the Clippers and ban him for life.The reason Sterling had felt so safe up until then was a reason Trump can relate to. He lived his life inside the protected bubble Kyrie Irving Shoes of other rich, powerful, detached, almost exclusively white men, who never felt the urge to reject or denounce his views — until those views threatened their own positions and security.Substitute the Republican leadership — the party chairs, the senators, congressmen, power Cheap NCAA Jerseys brokers, financiers and opinion-makers — for all the men who were also NBA owners for the 33 years Sterling owned the Clippers. (Of course, many of those owners — nearly all of whom were white men — also regularly financed Republican Kobe Bryant Jerseys campaigns.)Throw in the former commissioner, the rightly revered David Stern, and Silver, who was Stern’s long-time deputy. Silver’s apology for their role in giving aid and comfort to Sterling for so long had to include an army of former and current Lebron James Jerseys players. It happened under his watch, too.Silver, Stern, the owners — they all enabled Sterling, kept their silences, kept his secrets, looked the other way as he was sued for discrimination, sued by his employees, caught being degrading, demeaning and dehumanizing Stephen Curry Shoes to his players and insulting and patronizing to the team’s fans. They may have looked at him as one of the unfortunate relations they have to put up with on holidays, but they made sure he was still one of them, Moncler Outlet sharing their power and wealth, joining up with him in their constant labor wars and circling the wagons with him against the players when necessary.All these pull-outs by big-name Trump endorsers, all these sternly-wording statements registering their disapproval, were nowhere to Derrick Rose Jerseys be found when he was slandering Mexicans, Muslims, African Americans, women in general and even the family of a slain American soldier, to name a very few.But "Access Hollywood" shook everybody up — almost the same way V. Stiviano did when Kyrie Irving Jerseys she recorded Sterling’s racist ramblings back then.(More similarities: the Donalds trying to deflect and misdirect. Trump’s post-video “apology” devoted a chunk of time to calling out ex-President Bill Clinton’s deeds; Sterling’s post-ban interview including a verbal attack against Magic Johnson. They Russell Westbrook Jerseys share history of being sued for racial discrimination in their real estate businesses.)The dominos started falling, as they are today for the Republican nominee. Eventually, the big-money sponsors and partners of the league and the Clippers weighed the risks and rewards Cleveland Cavaliers Jerseys and made a business decision. They couldn’t afford to be in the Sterling business anymore. Suddenly, the players and their fans were no longer commodities to exploit; they were humans who could pull the financial plug.The same signs are emerging on Kevin Durant Jerseys the political horizon. Just like Sterling went from comfortably inside to startlingly outside and alone, Trump is being deserted.A little. For now. You never know what the tipping point will be, or when it will show itself.If Trump has the sense Moncler Sale to look back at his NBA counterpart, at least he won’t be surprised when it comes.
Jeff Van Gundy has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to domestic abusers.During ESPN's broadcast of the Knicks-Rockets exhibition Tuesday night in Houston, Van Gundy Canada Goose Outlet laid out how he wants the NBA to deal with those who are convicted of domestic abuse or sexual assault.Darren Collison just got suspended for eight games for his domestic violence conviction. And I love everything that Adam Silver has done. Kristaps Porzingis Jerseys My one suggestion going forward is, any felony committed against a woman should be a full-season suspension. And on the second one, you're gone. Let's stop with trying to give out ... because that's the one thing I learned today, it's Carmelo Anthony Jerseys not a mistake. It's a choice. It's a choice to commit a violent act, and I just think we've got to ... it's ... eight games, he comes back. I just think we've got to do more instead of ... like Chris Paul Jerseys you said, the NBA's always been on the forefront. Let's be on the forefront of this.Van Gundy also referred to a conference he attended earlier in the day on domestic violence and sexual abuse, in which NFL vice president Troy Vincent Lebron James Jerseys and Texans general manager Rick Smith spoke on the issue.
Paul McCartney gained fame when he joined Kanye West and Rihanna in the "FourFiveSeconds" music video, but Kings center DeMarcus Cousins must have missed that.It's a little surprising that Cousins hasn't Warriors Team Store heard of McCartney. Not only was he featured in "FourFiveSeconds," but Kanye also used him on his "Only One" single. Both songs came out within a two-month span just a few years ago, and really put McCartney in the spotlight.Further research Moncler Jackets shows McCartney was part of some band called The Beatles, but, as J.J. Redick pointed out, they were overrated.

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