Pattern Template Library

This unique, new library provides a unified implementation of intrusive data structures and structural patterns in the form of C++ templates. When you need a pattern such as Composite, Flyweight, or a fast Finite State Machine, just grab the class from the library. The library simplifies C++ coding, and is designed as a framework into which users can easily add new patterns. Explore this new, elegant coding technique - no preprocessing or code generation is required.

Version 1.1 of the library includes:

  • Intrusive list, collection, aggregate (one-to-many)
  • Dynamic array
  • Pointer array
  • Composite
  • Flyweight
  • Dynamically reconfigurable finite state machine (1)

The library ships in full source, and it should work with any C++ compiler which supports templates, regardless of the operating system. It has been tested with Sun/Solaris C++, Microsoft VC++, Borland C++, and Watcom C++. It does not run with GNU, because g++ Ver.2.7.2 does not have full template capability.

(1) The free software include the Pattern Template Library, but does not include our special, fast, and dynamically reconfigurable Finite State Machine. Please contact us for access to this feature