UML Layout Generator

This allows you to connect the Layout program with your software and create your own UML diagrams whenever you need them. For more details, see the UML Layout Tutorial and Documentation.

Note that when you use any of the Code Farms data structure libraries (IN_CODE, DOL, PTL), you declare your data organization in a block of statements which already contain most of the information needed for the Layout input.

In this case, when using IN_CODE modelling, your declaration of the association would look like this

  • Association Aggregate&ltDepartment,Employee> empl;
  • Association Collection&ltDepartment,Department> dHier;
  • Association Reference&ltDepartment,Manager> boss;
  • Association Name&ltEmployee> eName;

The code generator then searches your class definitions for inheritance, adds the information about multiplicity and directionality of each association, creates a proper layout input and, as a byproduct, produces the UML class diagram. Instead of the keyword Association the DOL library uses ZZ_HYPER, while the PTL library uses pattern. The resulting diagram can be either in the svg or Java format.

For more complex UML diagrams automatically generated with the Layout program Ver.3.0, look at: