Data Object Library

C++ Data Object Library and Persistent Data


The only class library on the market which is based on intrusive data structures. This makes it more efficient and easier to use than other, container based class libraries. Collections, data structures, and relations are represented as objects. Data and relations are orthogonal (independent). This has many advantages: With our library, you code 3-5 times faster, while producing code which needs very little debugging: Dangerous allocation and pointer errors are eliminated like in Java or Smalltalk, but you maintain the performance, safety, and flexibility of C++. At the same time, your classes are automatically persistent - there is no need to code serialization functions manually. The library comes in full source, and has a set of about 80 programs that test every feature of the library.

In addition to all this, any time you recompile the UML class diagram is automatically generated. This library fully supports the new MDA paradigm where both the code and the UML diagram are driven from a central schema.


This is an industrial strength product which has been used on hundreds of large, performance sensitive projects including

  • VLSI chip layout
  • Compiler design
  • Stock exchange information systems
  • Military
  • Internet
  • Telecomunication applications

Our new methodology is highly effective for frameworks and fast, memory resident OO-databases. Projects which would otherwise require many months of tedious work can be finished and safely running within hours. The library works with practically any platform or compiler. Special features: LISP-like properties, access to meta-class information, intelligent run-time object browser.


In addition to C++ persistence, our library provides a greater variety of data structures than STL or Rogue Wave's tools.h++, even though we have fewer classes and functions. Our design philosophy has always been that coding with a class library should be possible without constantly searching through the documentation.

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