All our software is distributed in full source, and already compiled for a few platform/compiler combinations. The zip files also include script files which compile and test the libraries in other environments -- for details, see the particular product documentation. We hope that you will like our simple Open Source License:


  • You can use our software on any number of computers, there are no royalties for incorporating it in your products, and you can pass copies to your friends and colleagues.
  • The software is available "as is" and for a small download fee which does not include any warranty or support.
  • Mass distribution in any form, including Internet, print, mail, or store sales is prohibited.

    We reply to some support requests and bug reports, but we don't consider this to be our obligation. We do invite cooperation with users who want to add classes to any of our libraries.

    If you agree with these conditions and want to download, click on proceed.

We are working on the access to this software through github.